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Airvolution Energy

Contributed by Pete Norris of Bristol-based Matthew Fairweather.

Airvolution brand identity

Airvolution Energy approached us shortly after their formation in 2010. Three unique businesses had come together to form a small but powerful player in the wind energy marketplace. Savills, ESB and Pure Energy Professionals needed a strong, engaging and different brand presence, one that demonstrated their unique proposition, expertise and commitment. Airvolution Energy is a business that focuses on sub 10MW wind projects, developing land for small scale energy generation from wind turbines.

The biggest challenge was that Airvolution Energy did not exist as an entity in itself, each partner contributed expertise in a separate but critical manner. Our solution not only needed to give a visual presence to the business, but also begin to form a platform for communication for each partner. Airvolution also has key audience contrasts, talking to landowners was going to be very different to talking to concerned residents, and being a new company, it would be critical to build a presence quickly and robustly.

Airvolution logo sketch

Airvolution logo sketch

It became clear that the need for a strong visual presence was going to be critical in how the business was to be received, so a clear visual identity was designed. This combined a bright but uncomplex colour palette, a detailed verbal identity, written to engage with dramatically different audiences, but under the same tone and focus. Combined with this, layered brand architecture that allowed local projects to have their own identity, encourage community involvement and behave in a friendly but professional manner.

Airvolution brand identity

Airvolution Energy has quickly been recognised as a prominent leader within the small generation marketplace. The bright and striking visual identity has clearly defined the business and separates it from both traditional and more recent competitors. Clear guidelines help partners in the business deliver effective communication in the correct style, ensuring audiences get the right messages at the right time, but still understand the value of the Airvolution Energy brand. We delivered comprehensive brand tools and online resources to help Airvolution Energy launch into the marketplace in 2010.

Airvolution brand identity

Airvolution brand identity

Airvolution brand identity

Airvolution brand identity

Airvolution brand identity

Airvolution brand identity

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7 appreciated remarks about “Airvolution Energy”

  1. I wonder – did the sketch come before or after the typeface was selected? If it was pre-meditated then I hold my hands up.

  2. Really nice work.

    @Graeme – I think sketch came after selection of typeface because I have seen a similar typeface on MyFonts.

  3. I’m thinking the typeface is a traced sketch of very well known freely available font called Harabara.

  4. Why wouldn’t it be premeditated. Just a sans type with some rounded corners.

    Certainly turned out solid, but i’d like to see more of the design process.

  5. looks like a case of making a 10 minute job take a week.

    Personally (and every designer is different) I cannot fathom to need to hand draft Harabara (kerns like a pig) into a design that would be better investigated on a screen, in illustrator.

    Perhaps it’s a case of creating something that the designer thinks is worthwhile showing on screen to illustrate and promote the process? You know, like seeing a happy cow living in a field with lovely green grass rather than the machines blasting the meat off it’s bones in a dark shed somewhere to sell a burger?

    What ever the reason, I think those in the know have had their laugh for today.

  6. I’m with you on the kerning of Harabara, I’m also of the thinking it’s slightly common now. It has a purpose I guess but I can see it going the same way as Papyrus.

  7. Harabara type? Really?! You can get it here:

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