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Contributed by Pascal Rumph & Hans Gerritsen, founders of Netherlands-based Buro Reng.

Artphy is a new centre for (modern) art and philosophy in the countryside of Groningen, surrounded by clay and potato fields. The centre will provide a platform for modern art and the philosophy of life. There are courses, retreats, workshops, etc. The centre contains different areas: 3 apartments, a meditation room, bar/lounge, studio and art gallery.

Artphy brand identity

Graphic design is about allowing yourself to make mistakes and knowing which ones to keep. By sketching, experimenting, researching, and exploring. We used the circle as a starting point. Making use of linocuts and stamping techniques, great organic circles arose.

A circle is the symbol of the void, the infinity and the absolute freedom, bound by nothing. The circle takes you back to yourself. The circle has no beginning, no end. The circle is the base of the soul and also the symbol of eternity. In Buddhism, the circle symbolizes the harmony between all spiritual forces: Yin and yang, black and white, good and evil.

Artphy brand identity

Artphy brand identity

Artphy brand identity

Artphy brand identity

Artphy brand identity

Artphy brand identity

Artphy brand identity

Artphy brand identity

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9 appreciated remarks about “Artphy”

  1. Okay, so where is the identity?

  2. Yeah, where is the identity? This looks like an art project.

  3. This was the start of the design process and a result of it. We are now working on the stationary, web and other Artphy media. We thought it would be good to share the start and the process instead of just the final designs and results. And by the way – in our opinion – graphic design is a visual art form!

  4. Although it does strike me as more of a campaign than an identity, I like it. I’ll admit that the flowery language doesn’t really appeal to me, but that’s the kind of thing artists seem to go for, so it will probably work (I’m not knocking it, it’s just not my cup of tea). I really like the organic forms and the colours.

    Hans – Nice of you to comment. It would be lovely to see the complete process, from concept to deliverables.

  5. Reminds me of the Great Catering Company Food Marks by Strategy NZ.

  6. Yes, I think we need a bit more context. I am not sure which is the logo. And aside from the logo the only other thing we have is (very nice!) photos which are stand alone and not seen in any other context. I really want to see how it all comes together and what it is being used for!

  7. Thank you for your reactions! We had a lot of fun working on the Artphy project. The short video and pictures give an insight in the development of this corporate identity. I think it shows the best part of the design process: sketching, experimenting, researching, and exploring. The part some clients (or the rest of the world) never get to see. The actual media like the website, letterhead, cards, routing, signage, etc are still in the making. So it’s very fresh and we couldn’t wait to share this.

  8. This is lovely. I will be excited to see this as it develops farther. I think the concept is stunning!

  9. Love to see a 1974 project applied to an identity.

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