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Black Light

Contributed by Shen Foo of Edinburgh-based H&A Marketing and Design.

Black Light logo

Black Light is a provider of light, stage, sound and AV solutions to companies, theaters and educational institutions based in Edinburgh, Scotland. They come from a theatrical background and therefore have a passion for finding innovative and creative solutions to the most technical of challenges. With over 25 years of experience in the business, they have been supplying products and services to schools, theatres, exhibitions, conferences, trade shows, heritage centres and private clients.

Black Light brand identity

Black Light brand identity

Black Light brand identity

Black Light brand identity

Black Light brand identity

Black Light brand identity

Black Light brand identity

Black Light brand identity

Black Light brand identity

Business card and document folder printed on GF Smith with matt white logo and blue foil on spark. Printing by Nottingham-based A14.

Black Light brand identity

Black Light brand identity

Inserts to go along with folder. Printing by Cova Colour Print.

Black Light brand identity

Black Light brand identity

Black Light brand identity

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15 appreciated remarks about “Black Light”

  1. A very nice idea – esp., I like the way they represented ‘BLACK’. It’s not an easy task. The clear space they have used around their logo is simply superb – and this brings the logo really stand out from far. The rendering applied to Helvetica is lovely too. Just ‘WOW’ :)

  2. Hey,
    very nice identity, but for me, the purpose of this website, is to discuss the creative process that lead to this design, and i am missing it right now. it would be a shame if this website becomes just another portfolio showcase blog..

  3. Simple and beautiful. And I really liked the applications!

    Very cool project.

  4. Wonderful ideas well executed. ‘Black’ as contrasted with ‘Light’ cannot have been an easy brief to work to, but I think they have created a powerful concept that is made all the more striking by its simplicity. Taking up Ran’s point, I would be interested in hearing about the thought processes that went into this work. I notice from their web site that some of their other work has won awards. I’m not surprised.

  5. I really love the sleekness of the lines, its ingenious logo completely sets the tone of the deft execution.

  6. Simple and yet executed in a clean & brilliant manner. I like how ‘Light’ is shown in contrast to Black. The logo’s typeface used is ingenious, clean cut with a ‘wow’ factor! And the simple lines in circle to depict ‘glow’? A design that has been seriously thought of. :) Thumbs up!

  7. Great work.
    The spark also creates possibilites for interesting applications of the identity, such as seen above.
    One thing that seems a bit weird is the choice of Arial as secondary typeface. Why choose a typeface that so closely resembles the primary one?

  8. Great work indeed.
    Smart choice of colors, great visual impact and very effective, overall a clean, simple and fuctional identity that wont easily.

    Not sure about arial choice of font, hmm.

  9. Apart form some type design problems in the word mark (the awkward k and t, the inconsistent modeling of the terminals and the fact that both B and L are too narrow), the identity works well. I like the colors and the symbol works great.

  10. I think this piece really uses the “in context” principle. On its own I was not sure the logo had enough merit to really stand out from the crowd. However when the logo is seen in context on the various designed items, it really starts to breathe some life into it.

    The minimal colour scheme of the Blue and Black is very nice.

  11. Nice logo, and clear branding. I would have liked to read a bit about how they came up with this solution. The colours work well together.

  12. I wasn’t so sure about this when I just saw the logo but after seeing the whole spectrum of applications, I think this is quite strong.

    I like it.

  13. great use of logo.

    funny – last photo shows him wearing the old logo on his shirt. =)

  14. they probably haven’t print it on the jacket? :)

  15. This lettering is full of mistakes. Wrong endings, proportions, too many styles involved.

    Also if you are doing guidelines, please don’t call units x height. It is simply wrong from many reasons. X height is height of lowercase letter “x”.

    *Feel free to contact me regarding redesign of lettering or any of you that think that this is good.

    Have a nice day.

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