Identity Designed is a showcase of brand identity projects from around the world.

The Red Pencil

The Red Pencil

The Red Pencil’s mission is to bring the benefits of art therapy to all children as a pathway to balance and wellbeing.

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Circus Zonder Handen

Circus Zonder Handen identity

An urban meeting place where children from different backgrounds help each other to push (overstep) their physical boundaries.

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The Children’s Society

The Children's Society identity design

The first time The Children’s Society has changed its visual identity in 16 years.

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IBRA identity design

IBRA aims to raise awareness of the present and future population in relation to the environment.

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2014 Brand New Conference

Brand New Conference 2014

First stage of the logo and identity for the 2014 Brand New Conference in Chicago.

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UNICEF ZEROawards prototype

UNICEF needed a fundraising platform that would capture the imagination.

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IIT College of Architecture

IIT Architecture

This publication was the derivation point for the institute’s new identity system.

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Avenor College

Avenor College logo sketches

The newly minted brand name Avenor speaks of the road (avenue) to the future (French: avenir).

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Musée de la civilisation de Québec

MCQ brand identity design

The goal was to develop a brand platform that allowed the five sites to speak with one voice.

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Pacific Northwest College of Art

PCNA identity design

An identity and collateral suite for PNCA’s campus expansion capital campaign.

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