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Brand identity and e-commerce site for muesli start-up

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Italio brand identity

A fast-casual Italian restaurant chain in Florida.

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An authentic Italian trattoria with a culinary style based on the idea of malfatti.

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Tomlinson Tap Room menu

Tomlinson Tap Room menu

A menu system that would do Tomlinson and the amazing beer it serves justice.

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La Vittoria 2012

La Vittoria

La Vittoria is a gastronomic event that raises funds for a different charity each year.

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Benugo logo

Benugo provides food and drink for a wide range of businesses, with everything prepared on site.

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Shovel & Bell

Shovel & Bell brand identity design

Shovel & Bell is the latest up-market gelateria and cafe in Guangzhou, China.

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F. Ménard

F. Ménard brand identity

F. Ménard is a family hog breeding and processing business.

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Kiosko Burger

Kiosko, a no fuss, old school burger bar in Barcelona.

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Old Chicago

Old Chicago brand identity

A fresh selection of pizza, pasta and 110 beers from around the world on one single menu.

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