Identity Designed is a showcase of brand identity projects from around the world.

Goshen Coffee

Goshen Coffee packaging

Goshen Coffee is a 100% organic coffee company.

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Taqado Mexican Kitchen

Taqado Mexican Kitchen brand identity

A new Mexi-Cali restaurant concept to be launched in the UAE.

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Pastaria brand identity design

The third restaurant from three-time James Beard Award nominee Gerard Craft.

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HarperWells is a wine retailer founded by Dean Harper and Ed Wells.

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Limited Edition Gordon’s Gin

Gordon's Gin

Limited edition collections that bring a modern twist to a classic drink.

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Olli Salumeria

Olli Salumeria brand identity design

Olli Salumeria makes dry-cured salumi in Virginia.

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The Burger Map

The Burger Map

The Burger Map is a hamburger place in Santo André, São Paulo, Brazil.

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Stafidenios is a raisin product packed for kids.

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The Rum House

The Rum House brand identity

The Rum House is an established Times Square piano bar.

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Bros & Bikers Cafe

Bros & Bikers Cafe identity design

A São Paulo-based cafe for motorcyclists.

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