Identity Designed is a showcase of brand identity projects from around the world.

Mont des Arts

Mont des Arts brand identity

Mont des Arts is the cultural quarter in the heart of Brussels.

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Violet Crown Cinema

Violet Crown Cinema brand identity design

Austin’s newest art film Cinéma.

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OBCG brand identity

OBCG is a conservation volunteer group in Oliver’s Battery, Winchester, Hampshire.

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Sankara logo sketch

Our design solution flowed from a brandmark evolved from a zebra’s face markings that created a symbol of international stature but with African roots.

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Espaço Itaú de Cinema

Itaú de Cinema

The logo has varying elements and, as cinema, allows endless possibilities. The predominance of black symbolises the cinema room, while the composition of elements characterizes a film projection.

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Flachland sticker

The visual identity is based on the dialog between Flemish and Dutch artists, between artists in the art scene of Berlin, and between the different art forms.

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Extraordinary Moves

Extraordinary Moves brand identity

All graphic elements and type were placed at an angle to reinforce the idea of movement.

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Doctor Entertainment

Doctor Entertainment brand identity

More than any other project we’ve worked on, this one really proved the importance of sometimes starting over if you’re not entirely satisfied, rather than trying to force your way forward.

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Day of Architecture Groningen

Day of Architecture Groningen

Our purpose was to create an illusion of space by gradually narrowing and transforming the Helvetica characters.

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Eine identity design

Our solution was to combine the black paint drips that Eine uses on the edges of his unique canvases with one of Eine’s signature typefaces, the Circus font, in the form of an embossed ‘E’.

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