Identity Designed is a showcase of brand identity projects from around the world.

Union Jewellery

Union Jewellery

A contemporary costume and bridal jewellery store.

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Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters window

The brand message follows this evolution, and as such Urban Outfitters completely rebrands itself every six months (as a minimum).

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Metropark brand identity

This book was given internally at Metropark to communicate the new direction.

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Miriam Haskell

Miriam Haskell press folder

Typographic details and the metallic bronze and bright chartreuse color palette help set the company apart from the competition, while giving all pieces a sophisticated, appropriate feel.

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Boskke brand identity design

The project includes full implementation of the identity across all product packaging, installation guides, point-of-sale, marketing and brand materials.

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Berg & Berg

Berg and Berg

Founded by Karin and Mathias in 2009, Berg & Berg asked us to develop a full visual identity, including stationery, packaging and web shop.

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Dezeen Watch Store

As the symbol moves through 86,400 different combinations of shape and colour, abstractly representing local time in 24 hour format, the identity becomes a timepiece itself while always remaining recognisable.

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MARK book design

Each year the brand accent colour changes to place emphasis on the evolution of the company. We keep the colour flexible so that we can move the brand along with current trends.

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Fred International

The apocryphal tale of it’s naming is that a group of students had come up with a number of naming ideas, and the teacher responded, “These are all so awful, it might as well be called Fred” — and the name stuck.

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