Identity Designed is a showcase of brand identity projects from around the world.


VM interiorismo brand identity

We started from the Didot Italic font, modifying and combining letters to create a structural logo.

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Dona Baronesa

Dona Baronesa process

For the opening of Dona Baronesa’s new studio the visual identity was designed to be sustainable.

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XL identity design

Insurance? People in the studio weren’t exactly fighting to get on the case.

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KAVIART identity design

KAVIART is a small interior design firm based in Budapest, Hungary.

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Adrian Mora

Adrian Mora identity

I’m a graphic designer, 25 years old, from Malaga, Spain.

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West of England Design Forum

WEDF identity

The ‘voice of design’ in the West of England.

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W&CIE brand identity

New brand couples serve as signs for the men’s and ladies’ toilets.

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Houdini sketches

Designing your own identity can be one of the hardest things in the world.

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Smel identity design

For the identity, we made a selection of five different texts. They range from a signed text by Bono (U2), to a piece of an e-mail from Tom Waits.

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Resonate brand identity design

They get the many facets of a particular point of view across by taking the central idea and exploding it out to hundreds of smaller stories that connect to create the bigger picture.

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