Contributed by Simon Manchipp of London-based SomeOne.

HomeSun tea poster

HomeSun likes to think that homes that aren’t self-sufficient in some way will be the odd ones out, not the other way round. So they are going to use their commitment and business ingenuity to break down barriers of price and confusing complexity, and to make it easy for homes to generate their own energy.

SomeOne created the strategy, the branding, the illustration, and even a bespoke typeface to launch the new energy brand. We even wrote it. What more could any brand ask for? (Oh, and yes, the solar panels do work in the UK, even with cloudy skies!)

HomeSun toast poster

HomeSun cubebox

SomeOne elsewhere on Identity Designed: NMA, Wright Brothers, Eurostar.

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7 responses

  1. Love this stuff… there’s a real trend in hand drawn visual brand identity going on in the UK at the moment.

    Looks like this a good example of the whole ‘brandworld’ v ‘logo’ argument… just a very recognisable style does it all.

  2. Is this really deserving of a post?

    There’s nothing substantial here at all; a web-link and some live surface imagery. To go from Moving Brands to this in little over a week beggars belief. I would expect more of an insight into how this came about, not just one illustration style stretched over a few artefacts.

  3. I’ve noticed the majority of work featured here on ID Designed is starting to lack the proper coverage and story telling which lead to the outcome and approach to each featured project. Usually I would consider that a negative thing, but with this the design simply speaks for itself – I understood the message and tone through every element straight away! I guess you could call that a winner.

  4. The strategy used in these advertisements are very clear and to the point. The use of advertisements to promote sustainability is a definite growing trend, but how are these featured ideas really possible?

  5. I work with solar companies in the states on their marketing and branding. While I appreciate that ID featured this, and while I like the campaign and think it would be very effective, I would like to see a little more analysis and information from the agency. Was this campaign effective for driving leads?

  6. Ryan,

    Interesting observation, but I think you’re missing the point here completely. Who cares where it comes from, really? At the end of the day that’s what Live Surface is there for in the first place.

    I view this as communicating an idea in the context of this particular client’s business objectives but in an alternative light; regardless of if it was a lifted from a pitch or the first phases of a work in progress , the message is clearly there and the visual style simply reinforces it. Derogatory comments on the photoshop work are just both disrespectful and trivial.

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