Museo Tamayo

Contributed by Rob Giampietro, principal at New York-based Project Projects.

Museo Tamayo brand identity

Located in Mexico City, the Museo Tamayo is a contemporary art museum that also houses at its core a collection of works by Mexican artist Rufino Tamayo.

Museo Tamayo brand identity

Under its new director Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy, the Museo Tamayo has refocused its program to present a wider range of activities including programming, events, and commissioned projects.

Project Projects designed an identity for the museum and a publication system for its in-house magazine, “Rufino.” In the identity, “Museo” is signified by an angled “M” that floats within each design at different positions. The resulting identity exists in a perpetually shifting state, subverting the assumed authority of the singular, monolithic institutional identity by offering one that is responsive, dynamic, and hybrid in its place.

Museo Tamayo brand identity

Museo Tamayo brand identity

Museo Tamayo brand identity

Museo Tamayo brand identity

Museo Tamayo brand identity

Museo Tamayo brand identity

Museo Tamayo brand identity

Museo Tamayo brand identity

Project Projects is a design studio focusing on print, identity, exhibition, and interactive work with clients in art and architecture.

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8 responses

  1. I am really trying to like this identity. Unfortunately I don’t.

    The scale relationship between the ‘M’ and ‘T’ seem to be somewhat disjointed, maybe this is intentional, I don’t know but it makes it look awkward.

    The form of the ‘M’ is ugly and would of been best omitted from the design and leave the stylised ‘T’ to do all the work.

    I believe the overall design will also look dated sooner rather than later.

    Sorry to be so negative about a design, it’s just not my cup of tea.

    Great blog though by the way.

  2. I have to agree with Andy. The typography seems to be half baked. The color selection makes this feel dated rather then contemporary.

    On a different note, the trashcans and the garbage in the photos doesn’t help the cause any. They should be removed physically or digitally before being posted.

  3. I agree with everything Andy and Juan have said. I think the actual identity would look better with just the T but needs a new color selection. If it stays green it seems more like a corporate logo than a art museum. However, I do like the wrap around sign.

  4. The wrap around sign is the only thing not done by Project Projects, it is part of the old identity. I’m a local, and personally I liked it better; just my two cents.

  5. Juts thought about it a bit more: I know the sign has been part of the museum for a while now, however I don’t truly remember that well the old design. I don’t really know if the display design is new; I’m guessing it probably is?

    I still agree with the comments above, though…

  6. I feel this logo looks like its for a short run event rather than an identity that has to work over time. I also agree with the comments above about the T working better on its own.

  7. i don’t know.. somehow this “unusual” color and awkward type feels COOL. it feels random and unexpected. it feels new. i like.

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