Identity Designed is a showcase of brand identity projects from around the world.

Circus Zonder Handen

Circus Zonder Handen identity

An urban meeting place where children from different backgrounds help each other to push (overstep) their physical boundaries.

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Eat 17 Bacon Jam

Eat 17 Bacon Jam

Eat 17’s signature topping, preserved and jarred.

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TransferWise identity

The launch of a new phase for TransferWise, the peer-to-peer money transfer service.

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The Children’s Society

The Children's Society identity design

The first time The Children’s Society has changed its visual identity in 16 years.

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Architype stationery

An architectural practice with the purpose of designing sustainable architecture.

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Biju Bubble Tea

Biju identity design

A bubble tea brand to appeal to a discerning London audience.

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Yon identity design

A line of trackers that differ from everything already on the market.

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Normansk identity

Normansk is a theatrical performance based on a sci-fi novel by the Strugatsky brothers.

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Musk and Moss

Musk and Moss identity

Musk and Moss is new hair salon focused on image assessment, style, and personal care, offering an exclusive service for men.

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Wats Bar

wearetheshit identity design

Wats is a small, but warm, lounge bar and nightclub located at the top of a shopping centre in Belgrade.

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