Identity Designed is a showcase of brand identity projects from around the world.

Conservation International

Conservation International tshirt

Conservation International is an organization that protects nature for the well-being of humanity.

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Glacé Artisan Ice Cream

Glace menu design

Kansas City-based Glacé Artisan Ice Cream is a more grown-up sweet treat expression.

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Ink Copywriters

ink cd

Ink, a new team of copywriters, needed to create a visual identity to launch the company. The identity had to appeal to ‘the country’s best and most cynical designers.’ It also had to be practical and affordable.

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Botanical Bakery

Botanical Bakery packaging

Botanical Bakery produces these premium artisan delicacies.

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MARK book design

Each year the brand accent colour changes to place emphasis on the evolution of the company. We keep the colour flexible so that we can move the brand along with current trends.

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Museo Tamayo

Museo Tamayo brand identity

The resulting identity exists in a perpetually shifting state, subverting the assumed authority of the singular, monolithic institutional identity by offering one that is responsive, dynamic, and hybrid in its place.

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Fred International

The apocryphal tale of it’s naming is that a group of students had come up with a number of naming ideas, and the teacher responded, “These are all so awful, it might as well be called Fred” — and the name stuck.

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Recreation Awards

Recreation Awards

Dazed & Confused and Topshop set up the Recreation Awards to celebrate excellence in all fields of creativity from journalism to music production.

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Believe in

Believe in signage

It had to be right. It had to provide a decent domain name. It had to work legally and officially. It had to have an idea and it had to brand well. Most importantly, it had to be creative, relevant and unique.

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Wright Brothers

Wright Brothers signage

Wright Brothers sells a wide-range of both French and British oysters…

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