Identity Designed is a showcase of brand identity projects from around the world.


Resonate brand identity design

They get the many facets of a particular point of view across by taking the central idea and exploding it out to hundreds of smaller stories that connect to create the bigger picture.

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Little Chef

Little Chef packaging

It was a British institution and no holiday was complete without a tactical stop.

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Newspaper Marketing Agency

NMA brand identity design

The NMA was set up by a group of major UK newspapers to help promote advertising in what was then viewed as a medium in decline.

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Addition brand identity design

Adding a second layer of the word ‘addition’ atop the first created the final typographic marque. This simplistic concept retains legibility and obviously illustrates the principles on which Addition is built.

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Outside Photographic

Outside Photographic

When Outside Organization launched Outside Photographic, director Mark Ray-Jones commissioned me to create the brand identity. I wanted to create something that appeared to communicate the voice and ephemera of pop culture as it is captured through the lens.

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