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Contributed by Andreas Kioroglou, founder of Athens-based Matadog Design.


Stafidenios® is a raisin product packed for kids. It is made in Greece and the packaging dimensions are created so the product can fit easily into a kid’s cupped hand. Each box hides a different paper toy that can be easily constructed without the use of glue or scissors.

The assignment Matadog Design was tasked with by the executive director of Enios was to create the Stafidenios brand from scratch.


A custom type was designed for the logo, colour-divided into “Stafid” which means raisin in Greek, and “enios” which is the name of the company. We were going for a playful style, and the colour division was made so the consumer would instantly recognize the content of the box.



Maximum production cost for the packaging must not exceed €0.07 because of the low retail price.

Key issues:

  • Achieve the desired production cost goal
  • Create something unique and distinctive in the world market
  • Design a new unique packaging structure
  • Design a character that kids would love
  • Find a way to include a toy or something of the sort inside the packaging
  • Small size packaging
  • Materials limitations due to low budget

The packaging had to play multiple roles:

  • Inform about how healthy raisins are
  • Be specially designed for kids
  • Ensure that the free toy can be used over and over again
  • Have a surprise factor reeling in more repeat purchases from consumers
  • Have the intrinsic quality to be easily assembled, preferably on the go
  • Ensure a child-friendly construction
  • Create a healthy habit for kids



The visual character of “Stafidenios” had to be sweet and relaxing with a casual style. We selected the final character after many sketches and a lot of research on a small focus group of parents and kids.



We designed 10 different heroes/paper toys: Stafidenios, Stafidenia, Cat, Dog, Panda, Parrot, Penguin, Turtle, Monkey, and Kangaroo.


Our packaging design was issued a patent by the Trademarks and Designs Registration Office.


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6 appreciated remarks about “Stafidenios”

  1. This really is a good idea and work. I love it. If I was a child I’d really want to buy the product and build the animals and characters immediately!

  2. LOVE IT! Brings me back to my child hood, and actually brings truth to the old joke about kids being more interested in the box then its’ contents!

    Very well executed, animal choices are brilliant and a very innovative idea. Something innocent in this modern world, can see kids collecting them and placing on a shelf.

  3. Great idea and lovely execution.

    I want the Cat.

  4. Love the physical design of the box and the heroes.

    Not sure the identity or exterior design are equally inspired.

  5. I’m with Paul on this one. The animals are brilliant. I’m a little ambivalent about the rest.

  6. Love the idea of the animal characters made from the box. But the outside seems completely disjointed to what is the beginning of a wonderful concept.

    I also can’t help thinking that an additional marketing opportunity has been missed here. Surely if it was more obvious which character could be made up from inside the box then it would encourage kids to collect the complete set? Unless of course the idea was it to be a bit more ‘pot luck’ then I guess that would encourage more boxes to be sold in the hope of collecting a full set of characters!

    Either way, I think there needed to be more made of the character element to the concept to show there are more to collect. And although the idea has been done before it really hasn’t done McDonalds any harm when it came to selling more happy Happy Meals!