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Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society

Contributed by Thom Newton of London-based Conran Design Group.

Whale & Dolphin Conservation logo

Established in 1987, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS), is the leading global charity dedicated to the conservation and welfare of all whales and dolphins (also known as cetaceans). In short, they are the world voice for the protection of these animals, creating pressure to bring about change.

They defend these remarkable creatures against the many threats that they face by taking money raised and pumping it back into campaigns and projects across the globe that have a real impact.

Conran Design Group (CDG) has launched the society’s new brand identity at the charity’s new website,, and via a film created by CDG with music by Zero 7 and supporting illustration style by Sarah Maycock.

CDG created the new brand to reflect the beauty and majesty of the animals and so inspire people to get involved with the organisation; as donors, supporters or volunteers.

The new identity is based around the iconic imagery of the whale tail or ‘fluke’. The symbol acts as both a universally recognised reference to whales and dolphins and as a practical device to highlight messages or a call to action.

Whale & Dolphin Conservation logo

Whale & Dolphin Conservation logo

Whale & Dolphin Conservation logo

Whale & Dolphin Conservation symbol

“We are 25 years old this year, and it was time for us to move our brand to the next level. We needed a brand that would raise our profile further, to existing supporters and new audiences alike. From the outset CDG had a grasp of who we are and what we wanted to achieve with this rebrand. They helped us identify the best ‘core’ elements of the organisation. Just as importantly they challenged our preconceptions and gave us ideas and approaches that really made us think.

“Armed with this insight they then helped mould us into a credible, modern NGO with a clear identity and message,” he said. “This is crucial for WDC; to get ourselves and our messages across, not just to the public, but to the decision makers. This will help us grow as an organisation and to do more good work. CDG have effectively done their bit to help save more whales and dolphins.”

Whale & Dolphin Conservation brand identity

Whale & Dolphin Conservation brand identity

“We were approached by Cake, a sister company in the Havas Worldwide network. The request was straightforward. ‘We work with The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, they need a re-brand to better engage supporters and donors, can you help?

“We got involved because it sounded interesting. We got inspired because we got closer to the issues and closer to the team at Whale and Dolphin Conservation. We admired their commitment, passion and positivity and ultimately became committed to doing what we could to help.”

Whale & Dolphin Conservation brand identity

Whale & Dolphin Conservation brand identity

Whale & Dolphin Conservation brand identity

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2 appreciated remarks about “Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society”

  1. I like how they use the bracket-fluke as a reusable visual asset. It definitely helps as the new logo mark is very simple compared to the more ornate original. If they didn’t have that versitality the look would be very boring to me.

    I think my only problem is the “the whale and dolphin con” sitting above the bracket-fluke. It looks more like an afterthought than a well thought out decision. However, I do see that with a simplified rebrand like this there needs to be some form of reeducation as WDC is not as prominent as WWF.

  2. This is awful! Tying to make it look like a bracket makes it look like a lame attempt to be “social.” I have supported WDCS all my life so I might be hard to please. I think loosing the S was a mistake because it makes the bracket seem like it’s suppose to be an S (I understand it probably was intentional, WDCS is a bit of a mouthful). Sorry I hate it, think it could have been done so much better. It’s a nice blue though.

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