Wauw ice cream identity
Wauw, by Snask, Stockholm.

If you’d like to share a project with the discerning readers, please send images at a minimum of 1,200px wide, and accompanying text with details of the brief, the design idea, typefaces used / customised / created, paper stocks, commercial printers, tales of the unexpected.


Here are a few features showing the kind of detail that’s appreciated:

Grimm & Co, by Side by Side, Sheffield.
Anjuna Ice Pops, by DekoRatio, Budapest.
Patricia, by Beyond the Pixels, Melbourne.
Growth Rings, by Lantern, London.
St Etienne Opera House, by Graphéine, Lyon.

Opera Saint Etienne identity
St Etienne Opera House, by Graphéine, Lyon.

As this is a side-project, and due to the amount of emails I get, I can’t promise a reply, but I respond to as many people as possible. I’m David, by the way. Here’s my humble portfolio.

Institute for Sustainable Production
Institute for Sustainable Production, by Dosdecadatres™, Madrid.

What else?

A related site, Logo Design Love, opened back in 2008, resulting in the bestselling book of the same name.

If you’ve just started your own studio, or are thinking about it, this book’s for you: Work for Money, Design for Love.