Atypical is a specialty coffee roastery based in Saigon, Vietnam. They offer both retail and wholesale coffee products that combine selected local and imported flavors with a meticulous high-quality brewing method. Their key product, the cold brews (aptly named Atypical Dose) offer a wide range of flavours and blends, named after neighbourhoods of Saigon, for people with all kinds of tastes and preferences.

We created their visual identity, combining the rawness of Saigon street culture with the refinement of the brand’s product. Inspired by the facade of the city, Atypical’s visual design prominently features a custom typeface inspired by the iconic “Khoan cắt bê-tông” (“Concrete drillers”) vandalism.

The main surfaces of the brand’s packaging system and collateral feature photographic images of the walls found across Saigon, something that is familiar yet, upon closer inspection, utterly peculiar.

For the cold brew packaging, we feature iconic walls from the neighbourhoods that the flavors are named after, and we tell related stories with the hope of bringing the city closer to our drinkers. Utilising HP Indigo’s latest technologies, each label design is transformed into a series of assorted, collages that speak to each individual, fragmented perception of the city we inhabit.

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