Baby Best brand identity design

What a baby needs is a mother’s loving care. Baby Best is a new brand in the UK providing products with engagement of sense and positive emotions, enhancing the love between mother and baby. The whole identity is based on a colourful and lively castle built with irregular planes. The castle represents a sense of safeness and protection that lives up to Baby Best’s pure, caring and gentle promise.

Initially, we tried a lot of options that used a baby as a key element. But we found there are too many baby logos in the existing market. So we finally gave up this approach. We thought about what a baby needs, and we believe a dream home is the most important thing for any baby. But what kind of home does a baby dream of? In answering the question we developed an idea that the dream home is a colourful castle.

Baby Best brand identity design

From our market research, there are not that many castle logos specifically within the child market, so we saw this as a good chance to build a unique identity with the castle graphic. We developed a set of small homes then built up a baby kingdom whereby all homes are linked together. We topped it off by utilising lively and colourful tones similar to those in a fairy tale.

Baby Best brand identity design

Baby Best brand identity design

Baby Best brand identity design

Baby Best brand identity design

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I love the way the logo operates as a collection of units seen together, and as individual little icons. Feels like a bag of jellybeans. Very inventive and playful.

Cripes, that’s the best bit of ID I’ve seen in yonks!

It’s just amazing! So fresh and modern and interesting and just WOWness.

I definitely agree with David Palmer, the logos use of sharp/playful colours as well as combining the smaller houses together creates a nice community feel and a creative brand. The idea of the castle isn’t too unique, but through the personalized ‘houses’ and the font I think the identity is bang on what the customers would like/imagine for a company like this.

Great job N/A :)

I realise these mockups are created in Photoshop but I’d love to know the technique used to print the edges of the cards, if you have one in mind. It’s not a traditional gilt edging in the sense that it doesn’t use a foil. Clearly you need an extremely thick stock of paper, a board really. Any hints on what kind of print process you used?

I fully agree… some houses are almost exact copies, form & colour. Love her work very much! Don’t like copies or work without credits… guess Hong Kong has really become part of China, certainly in terms of intellectual property in this case ;-) But hey, it’s still nice work.

Love this concept! I am glad to see that they strayed away from a typical baby image.. I ran into this issue last month designing a brand for a gluton free company. All the logo’s I had found had a wheat type symbol with an x or a red mark through it. It was a bit of a challenge mainly convincing the client to go in a different direction and stand out..

Back to this logo, I love the kingdom as a whole, and as seperate icons. Very clever idea, and yes like a big bag of jellie beans haha. However I am not a fan of the initial wordmark for some reason it doesn’t feel rite to me. I feel curssive style was a good way to go, but found it not suitable for this project. As well as the capital B’s threw the focus off from the actual name itself. Those are my thoughts, however I really enjoyed this concept. Great work!

This just warms my heart to the core. It is so sweet and honest and touching. It’s beautiful and I think it fits the company perfectly.

Wow, following on from what Dennis pointed out… this isn’t just inspired by Mary Blair’s work, this is lifted, almost identically in some instances from her art. There’s a massive difference between referencing and blatantly copying another persons work and this crosses it. Without crediting the author and because all of these are mocked up in Photoshop and don’t reflect real world production, I think having this identity on here weakens the ID showcase.

I thought this was an awesome ID showcase…but like others have pointed out, it’s a near identical copy of Ms. Blair’s work. They even used the same colors she used on the buildings.

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