The Bát Tràng Museum stands as the first private museum authorized by the government within Bát Tràng Village, founded by National Artist Vũ Đức Thắng. Originally named “Hồn Đất Việt” — translated as “Viet’s Ceramic Soul” — this museum embodies his remarkable legacy. Vũ Đức Thắng gained widespread recognition for his spectacular creation of 12 remarkably genuine pottery boots, earning the Guinness Record in 2013. His artistic skills include a collection of modern artworks highlighted by two unique techniques: color-changing ceramic glaze and intricate three-dimensional sculpting. These methods display his mastery and creativity in ceramic art.


We carefully researched and studied to include his unique artistic techniques and style in creating a new look for the museum. This involved giving the museum a new name and creating a unique custom typeface MN Vũ Thắng with “pottery-shoes-soul” inktrap touches. We wanted to echo his process and masterpieces into the content system.

The brand’s visual system was created to resonate with the beauty of the various unique artworks while systematizing them into an archive through a new, clean photography style. A deliberate pottery silhouette canvas was employed for buttons and patterns across different applications, maintaining a unique and relative aesthetic. This design approach bonded to a grid system inspired by the 3-parts floor plan layout of the museum, ensuring consistency and structure throughout the brand’s visual elements.

We simplified the color palette, emphasizing the vividness and authenticity of the artwork, especially the rich colors and textures of the ceramic glaze. This focused approach highlights the authentic essence of each piece, elevating their visual impact while preserving their nature.

Collaboratively, we aimed to assemble the Bát Tràng Museum towards a more contemporary style while preserving its rich heritage.

M — N Associates elsewhere on ID: HiRaw.

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