Botanical Bakery

Contributed by David Brier of DBD International.

Botanical Bakery packaging

Shortbread cookies were found to have a decidedly “well-behaved” lineage, being more proper and falling into the “tea cookie” category.

Old logo
Botanical Bakery logo old

New logo
Botanical Bakery logo

In our initial discussions, one thing stood out: the client producing these premium artisan delicacies was spunky and adventurous in direct contrast to these “proper” cookies. I asked, “What if we were to see these cookies, talking amongst themselves, like a backstage, a video special, hearing their most unedited comments, foibles, concerns and vices?”

The client found this concept hysterical and knew we could bring a fresh pair of eyes to this rebranding.

Botanical Bakery packaging

Botanical Bakery packaging

Botanical Bakery packaging

Botanical Bakery packaging

The visual concept of “leaf lips” — a result of seeing how a leaf resembled a mouth — seemed like a match made in heaven for Botanical Bakery and would instantly stand apart from the paradigm of this category of cookie delicacy. Plus, we had the added value of the lips each being a different shade of colour for the different flavours.

The packaging colour range was decidedly brighter, almost like paper-cut shapes making the speech bubbles which announced the flavours from the brand’s lips.

Botanical Bakery packaging

Botanical Bakery signage

In September 2010, this will be featured in Berlin, Germany, in an exhibit titled, “World’s Finest Package Design.”

Botanical Bakery signage

Wisconsin-based David Brier, originally from Brooklyn, New York, is the recipient of over 300 industry awards and is the creative director of DBD International. Follow David Brier on Twitter.

12 responses

  1. The “replicatability” of the brand design is beautifully executed; the idea of “leaf lips” is simple and very instantly recognisable and memorable. All in all, this brand identity WORKS. Superb work.

  2. I agree with the positive comments (memorable, recognizable, etc.), although I wonder if the intended market is mostly female? This feels like a very feminine brand. (Granted, so was the old one, so maybe it is?)

  3. Beautiful and expressive work ! I have to say that thinking really changes the design execution and that to lateral thinking. Now, see how the color selection as been made and how the background and copy has been set upon it – as if every things are made for each other. Bravo!!

  4. Witty and cheeky. I love this one. Some of the negative space looks a bit little on the horizontal mark, but I absolutely love the two liner, specially on the packaging, which ties everything in beautifully.

  5. Absolutely stunning. A perfect combination of whimsical and appropriate. The logo works very well and continues to remain memorable no matter what color is worked into it. Nice job!

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