CAN, Contemporary Art Now, is an art fair that seeks to renew what is already contemporary. A new concept that makes its way into the art world to discover new languages and give space to the creations and artists who have stood out the most in recent decades.

And what better place than Ibiza to do it? Known for its freedom and open spirit, this island has always been a point of convergence for people from all over the world as well as a stage for social, artistic, and cultural movements.

CAN is also positioned as the only European fair on the art circuit that takes place in summer. A disruptive and very appealing aspect that, for five days in July, turns the island into a meeting place for artists, art collectors, enthusiasts, and personalities of the local and international cultural world.

The nature of this key location is implicit in the whole identity, starting with the naming we created, since CAN (an acronym for Contemporary Art Now) means “house of” in Ibicenco. A very appropriate term for what the fair aspired to be: the House of Art. In addition, the use of CAN as a verb form in English opens up a whole universe of semantic possibilities.

From this approach, we created a logo that integrates the acronym CAN in the typographic layout of the full name. Thus, like contemporary artistic creation, the identity moves further away from the obvious. A brand that relies on the intelligence and sophistication of a visual language that is both essential and experimental.

Starting from the typographic feature present in the logo, we proposed an unpredictable graphic language through dynamic and unexpected compositions.

The result is a visual brand universe with various visual treatments to mark each year, such as the use of the sun that defines this first edition, held in July 2022.

Typeface: General Sans, by Indian Type Foundry
Photography: Maria Santos

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I have mixed feelings about this.
For me it’s not clear the normal typed ‘CAN’ stands for Contemporary Art Now. I see it more like the word can. CAN IBIZA ART FAIR.
But really like the compositions around the sun.

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