Deskidea brand identity design

Deskidea is an office supplies e-commerce business with one main aim: to get a major sense of simplicity from the very first purchase from their website until the receipt of the material in your office.

The brand identity was designed to boost this simplicity value and the graphic solution came from the name itself, Deskidea. The idea was to convey its value using basic office objects, with the pencil taking lead role.

The different corporate applications are based on the pencil as a symbol, operating by itself or embedded within the identity.

Deskidea logo

Deskidea logo

Deskidea brand identity design

Deskidea brand identity design

Deskidea brand identity design

Deskidea brand identity design

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May 1, 2012


This is really lovely, simple visual idea drawn out of a solid and expandable logo-type (and detachable symbol), the ‘D’ as a rubber on the end of the pencil is a lovely finishing touch and a personal highlight. It’s perhaps a little repetitive and oversized in its application but it neatly mirrors the elemental characteristics of basic office equipment which is also and appropriately reflected in the contemporary monochromatic colour palette. Decent photography layout and execution really helps to keep it looking slick and consistent.

The logo is very neat, although I did not recognize the rubber straight away on the horizontal logo. I then went on to check out their actual website and left disappointed – it’s not on par with their visual identity in my humble opinion.

Lovely idea. I just think when it includes the full text “DeskIdea” its takes away from the beauty of the pencil.

If the brand was for Identity Designed’s new stationary sub brand, and the pencil on its own was the logo… it might work better.

I love this. Wonderfully simple and effective.

As others have said, it’s a shame the live website doesn’t do it justice. It’s much too busy and this lovely identity is a tiny little thing in the corner. At the very least they should have incorporated the search bar as shown in the mock-up – little things like that can make a huge difference.

I’m always interested to see how people introduce the identities they have created for them. While I slightly disagree with my namesake above about the conceptual simplicity and confidence of this (I think it’s great), I completely agree that Evo have made much better use of their identity.

Great (k)idea, but am I the only one who sees a phallus when the pointy end of the pencil is hidden?

The logo and materials are wonderful. Perfectly designed. I agree that the website is a bit busy to go with the new brand. Too many colors and graphics for what is represented here. They should choose an accent color and try to use it when necessary to include color.

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