Some designers don’t make. Some makers don’t design. If you are a designer who knows how to make, you bridge a gap that unleashes new creative potential.

Donut Shop was established in 2017 by Ian Klipa and Jacob Saphier. They developed a friendship during their time at Stamps School of Art and Design, leading to collaborative projects during weekends and holidays.

During that period, Ian and Jacob envisioned the creation of their design studio to persist in their collaborative work on beloved projects. Following experiences in various fabrication, engineering, and design roles, they took a leap of faith and launched Donut Shop, in Detroit, MI.

Similar to Donut Shop, TwoPoints.Net specializes in crafting bespoke solutions. Rather than adapting existing designs, the client’s product or service serves as the creative wellspring for a unique and tailored design.

TwoPoints.Net embarked on the creation of six fonts, each drawing inspiration from a distinct project by Donut Shop Design. The challenge lay in capturing the breadth of aesthetics without becoming overly specific, allowing the firm the flexibility to evolve creatively.

Designed to be mono-spaced, each letter in the six fonts seamlessly combines with others, illustrating the diversity of Donut Shop’s furniture designs.

The fonts enable Donut Shop to create numerous new deliverables effortlessly through typing. There’s no requirement for a static logo to be replicated repeatedly, as every text becomes an identifying element.

The communication strategy revolves around storytelling. Each project originates from a hidden narrative. Donut Shop brings this story to life, providing clients with an opportunity to share it with their customers. Displaying Donut Shop’s work requires nothing more to convey these stories—campaigns or ads are unnecessary. Simple yet engaging editorial design proves to be far more efficient.

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