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Founded in 1971, Embraco is a global company, with factories in Brazil (headquarters), Italy, China and Slovakia. World leader in the hermetic compressors for cooling systems, product and development has always been a priority for the company. Despite Embraco’s global market dominance, little attention was paid to its brand, a scenario that intrigued senior management. Consequently, Interbrand was given the challenge of transforming Embraco’s brand into a valuable asset.

The new logo is a visual construction of Embraco’s brand values. It expands the range of colors that represents our company. Inspired by the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights, a phenomenon of various colors caused by the contact of solar winds by the Earth’s magnetic field. Some of these colors are now the colors of Embraco.

Embraco logo

We went for an all-type, easy to apply logo. Embraco’s primary product is the hermetic compressor for cooling systems. It’s constantly functioning to change the states of matter, what inspired us to create the infinity symbol using the letters “c” and “o”. The tagline has several interpretations to it. “Power in” may refer to the excellence of their product functioning inside the fridge, as well as the strength of their global team. “Change on” is again an allusion for infinity and constant transformation.

Embraco business card

The visual universe was inspired by the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis, as a new way of seeing and perceiving the cold. We used thin lines to illustrate the technique and complexity required in Embraco’s field of work.

Embraco packaging

Embraco leaflets

Embraco typography

Embraco icons

The icons work to maintain the logo’s consistency and flow. With round shapes, they match Embraco’s typography and graphisms.

Embraco reception

Embraco reception

The reception area conveys the brand identity concepts, while curved backgrounds promote a sense of physical infinity. Our idea is to provide an inspiring brand experience so visitors can recognize Embraco’s personality as soon as they enter the company.

Embraco facade

Embraco’s facade in LED lighting attracts the eyes of everyone who passes by the company’s headquarter in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Embraco global launch

The launch took place in 6 countries, simultaneously: Brazil, Italy, China, Slovakia, USA and Mexico.

Embraco brand territory

As a brand management tool, we created Embraco’s brand territory. It puts together strategic, verbal and visual guidelines to inspire the creation of new communication materials.

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7 responses

  1. I really think that the infinity symbol is quite a tired visual device that is far too generic to have brand specific relevance and in this situation and execution feels slightly forced and clumsy. The Aurora Borealis imagery is an inspired and original assest to communicate the cold but seems under used here in favour of a fairly straightforward illustrative direction.

  2. Does it bother anyone else that the infinity symbol makes the letter O less readable? At first I saw Embra with an symbol next to it. And if you would still tell me it’s another, an O would still be difficult to see.

  3. I have to disagree with the other posters here. I find the logo amateurish typographically (especially the all caps tagline—that typeface looks terrible in caps) and the graphic rendering of the infinity symbol weak. There’s little cohesiveness between all of the examples shown and the illustrations look like they were created by the designer, not commissioned by a designer for an illustrator to complete.

    Overall, it feels like a piece of student work.

  4. I agree with Redway, the infinity simple really isn’t needed, and makes the O less readable.

    And same with Jam, I feel that aspects of this haven’t been thought through, and haven’t been refined. The result is mediocre to be honest, I’d expect a little extra.

    The colour scheme isn’t bad though.

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