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Eurosport logo

Eurosport, Europe’s leading sports channel, watched in 123 million homes across 59 countries with 13.2 million viewers per week (the most viewed pan-European channel) is launching a new identity inspired by the emotions associated with sport.

New on-air elements, scripted and directed by Paris-based broadcast production agency, Les Télécréateurs, put the fans and the emotions felt when watching sport at the heart of the narrative. A series of six new channel idents have been shot, each drawing on one key emotion for its inspiration: Joy, Anger, Empathy, Encouragement, Surprise and Anguish, and incorporating 18 different sports disciplines. The positioning is further supported by the official strapline: ‘All Sports. All Emotions’.

Laurent-Eric Le Lay, Eurosport Group Chairman & CEO had this to say:

“Live sports generate powerful emotions for sports fans, and we wanted to create an environment centred around these emotions, putting the fan at the heart of the action. Additionally, Eurosport covers the widest variety of sports of any media in Europe, over 150 different disciplines across our platforms, and we have integrated this diversity into our branding to underline that we are the brand for all sports, with a rich and compelling offer for all communities of sports fans.

“The emergence of new technology has enabled us to constantly innovate, today bringing fans top live sports action wherever they are, across all screens from TV to PC, to mobile and tablet PCs. We have remained true to our sporting heritage and fans while succeeding in harmonising our new brand universe across all our media platforms.”

Eurosport | Ident Empathy

Eurosport | Ident Surprise

Eurosport | Ident Anger

After over 20 years of existence, the brand has achieved massive brand equity and trust, with 91% awareness across Europe*, so Eurosport decided to preserve the iconic brand logo but develop a fresher and more contemporary design. The greatest change has therefore been in the elements around the logo, creating a new “brand universe.” New audio branding was also specially commissioned to enhance the moods associated when watching sport. The new audio elements were created by award-winning Amsterdam agency MassiveMusic and will be heard during the channel idents and in the programme links.

*EMS Summer Survey 2010

Eurosport logoBrandmark refinement, from old (above left) to new (right, using the Klavika typeface).

Launching on Tuesday 5th April 2011, the new brand identity and graphics revamp will be deployed on-air, online and mobile and in every Eurosport office around the world, as well as for the group’s advertising, marketing and corporate communications. The new brand strategy also positions the group for future expansion into new territories and the launch of new products on to the market.

More production work on Les Télécréateurs website.

MassiveMusic is a music agency with offices in Amsterdam, New York, Los Angeles or Shanghai. Post-production by Mathematic.

April 4, 2011


Always very difficult to achieve something visually new/fresh in these situations, but I like the clips and think the new, fresher graphics by LT are very clever. They have more than made up for the heavily client-restricted logo revamp to a point where you could almost see a brand new eurosport logo within them emerging in the future.

This is another prime example of evolution rather than revolution when it comes to rebranding. The Eurosport brand and logo are well recognised in europe and the designers have done a fantastic job of updating the brand and keeping the core visual elements to it. The new idents are also really good and i’m looking forward to seeing them on screen.

The new logo is decent evolution considering all the restrictions. Where this really comes to life is in all of the info graphics that appear all over the videos. WAY BEYOND ESPNs aesthetic. I also like the effects added to the sports such as the soccer ball breaking apart and coming together. This all takes it a step beyond just a well shot sports clip.

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