Contributed by Robert Walmsley of Manchester-based Teacake.

Freitags logo

Now in it’s third year Freitags is a weekly music event that connects the dots between electro, indie, disco, outsider pop, cosmic nonsense and forgotten gems.

The event is held every Friday at Manchester’s The evenings are organised by German-born Sebastian Matthes, hence the name, and showcases both local and international DJ talent.

The identity was originally designed in 2009 with the black bars representing the days of the week being bland and straight until Friday. We just really love this lowercase Century F, luckily so do the people who keep popping back to Common!

Freitags brand identity design

Freitags brand identity design

Freitags brand identity design

Freitags brand identity design

Freitags brand identity design

Freitags posters

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9 responses

  1. The letterform logo is very nice, but you can really see the value and sophistication of it when it is applied. The application reinforces the mark.

  2. I can see why people may like it, can see a lot of typo-geeks swooning at this but just doesn’t do anything for me, and more importantly doesn’t seem very appropriate for what it is promoting. Also it looks fine large on a poster, but on smaller print items such as the dl leaflet or a5 postcard I can help feel it looks rather clumsy. I am probably alone on this though.

  3. It’s quite beautiful. The grid work is nice.

    But unfortunately, I would have never connected this to an edgy music scene. Maybe to a cool jazz thing. But never to electro, indie, outsider pop, etc. I agree with Ash, in that it isn’t appropriate to the content.

  4. Yes, it definitely has a jazz/classical feel to it. Its got a certain sophistication but not the sort that matches the music being advertised – there’s a dichotomy of opinion going on.

    All of that aside, the execution of layout, the thinking behind the ‘Friday’ idea and the typography is great.

  5. The music is “electro, indie, disco, outsider pop, cosmic nonsense and forgotten gems.” meaning that it has no predetermined look, and frankly, I think you design yourself into a corner if you start thinking a certain aesthetic goes with a certain type of music.

    Good design works in any situation, even a NASCAR race… it just hasn’t made it there… yet.

  6. ^But our jobs as graphic designer’s is to communicate – and if something gives off the wrong message, then it isn’t communicating itself successfully and by consequence is not “good design”. This doesn’t mean the design can’t have to be innovative or fresh, or has to fall back on clich├ęd visual signifiers, but it does have to communicate appropriately and effectively…

  7. I’m with the with other commentators – it is beautiful (bar the visual representation of the week, which jars), but doesn’t match the style of the music. Looks classical or jazz, it’s too calm and too elegant. As comparison, the marketing materials for Now Wave themselves (DJing on some of these nights, so a fair comparison when it comes to styles) much better represent the style of music – not that they’re particularly exciting typography-wise, just clean and direct and bold, with a use of imagery is generally very good (occasionally excellent) at capturing feel and texture and mood.

  8. I agree with the others, it looks jazzy-classical however I wouldn’t have guessed what in the world it was symbolizing without the article going along with it. It speaks nothing to me but typography lust.

  9. The logo really reminds me of the Fashion TV logo, especially the second photos, where you can notice a piece of a diamond shape figure.

    The other elements look cool, but this is the first thing that came to my mind.

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