Imio is on a mission to unlock greater agricultural productivity and restore the planet by harnessing the intelligence of living microbes. The company’s all-natural microbial inoculants allow farmers to grow healthier, more productive crops without relying on agricultural chemicals. Following years of R&D and clinical research, we worked with Imio’s founders to bring their product to farms everywhere.

Launch a new green tech brand. Imio wasn’t only bringing a new product to market; they were also launching a direct-to-consumer e-commerce experience that was unique to the agriculture space. They needed an instantly recognizable identity that would carry across all touchpoints.

Let nature and science work together. We created a visual system that’s both modern and organic. The wordmark blends a clean sans-serif with natural line forms, while the system’s colors and imagery toe the line between fields and the lab. Just like Imio — some designs go viral. Ours went microbial.

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