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Det Informationsvidenskabelige Akademi (IVA) is a higher education institution under the Ministry of Culture. The school educates undergraduates, post-graduates and librarians in library and information science. The institution has a strong network and is well known internationally by its peers.

Old IVA brand identity

IVA brand identity design
The previous master brand (above)

IVA brand identity design
The previous brochures and newspaper ads


The perception of the school and the work of its graduates had not kept pace with the times. Especially in Denmark, the institution was seen as old fashioned. The reality was that the school operated in a complex and rapidly-developing field that was being transformed by technology and new demands for information. A new identity was needed to clarify its work and clearly position itself while differentiating from educational competitors.


To meet the challenge, the repositioning needed to be fundamental and consequently rooted in support from stakeholders. Therefore we employed a transparent process that identified needs and generated understanding from the faculty, students, governmental ministries and funding bodies.

Working with the stakeholders uncovered the essence of its work — that, as information specialists and designers of information, they create new platforms and access to knowledge. This understanding of themselves as creative networkers produced the core of the brand: ‘we create connections’.

This positioning was clearly signaled by a name change to Det Informationsvidenskabelige Akademi which removed the word ‘library’ from the Danish version of its name, previously Danmarks Biblioteksskole (Danish Library School).


A new visual identity was introduced in 2010 that captured the new brand positioning and name change. The brandmark was based on the Fibonacci sequence which is employed across the boundaries of art, science and mathematics. It was supported with a flexible visual system that incorporates imagery from the ever-expanding fields of human knowledge.

New identity

IVA brand identity design
The new master brand

IVA brand identity design
Logos and variations

IVA brand identity design
Presentation folder

IVA brand identity design
Diploma cover

IVA brand identity design
Course certificate and website

Client: IVA (Royal School of Library and Information Science)
Website: www.iva.dk

Brand owner information
Rector, Professor Dr.: Per F. V. Hasle
Head of Communication, MA: Bodil Christensen
Vice-rector and Head of Department, PhD: Jack Andersen

Agency information
Agency: Make® / www.make.dk
Strategic director: Morten Brudholm
Creative director: Kristoffer Gudbrand
Designers: Hans Chan & Daniel Flösser
Project manager: Caroline Ørsted

IVA brand identity design

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6 responses

  1. I agree with the AOL comment. Way too many companies hopping on that bandwagon. And is it just me, or does anyone else see Vodaphone?

  2. I don’t mind the background-cycling if it has a purpose. Since here, the images have a direct relevance to the interesection of what could be art/science/mathematics in nature, I’m OK with it. It’d be interesting to know if they used specifically different images for the different courses/faculties.

  3. Way to take a perfectly clear mark (albeit not super original) that identifies the school and turn it into a modern, mediocre, and once again unoriginal swirly leech looking thing.

    It might be cool if that counter space was a an apostrophe, as that kinda has something to do with books or language, although I’m sure that’s been done before too.

    As for the shallow AOL idea – companies have been doing things like that forever to make a logo look “cool” so they can slap it on t-shirts. Look at the action sports industry for proof. Making it an official part of one’s identity is kinda weak, looks like a gimmick to make up for a boring design to begin with. You could really make an argument that doing that to a logo is somehow applicable for any company, depending on the image.


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