Justin Devillier is one of New Orleans’ most celebrated young chefs, recently winning the James Beard award. Justine is the highly-anticipated new restaurant from he and partner Mia Freiberger-Devillier (the husband-wife team behind La Petite Grocery and Balise).

We partnered with architecture and interior design studio Farouki Farouki to create this new Vieux Carré gem.

The design pays homage to classic French styling, while playfully subverting expectations with an irreverent sense of New Orleans joie de vivre.

We created an icon inspired by the antique Parisian statue behind the bar: The Spirit of Justine.

The menu uses the structure of a classic brasserie, but we subverted it with bold pops of color, odd typography, and irreverent woodcuts.

The brand extends to every detail, including custom plates, deli paper patterns, and staff uniforms.

In the outdoor cafe we designed a custom neon script, glowing above a brass ‘J’ inlaid in terrazzo.

While you wait for a table you can peruse our tongue-in-cheek guide to French etiquette.

Inspired by the historic French Quarter signs, we crafted a classic blade sign — with a twist.

Completing the entire experience with wit and delight, we designed a series of surreal wheatpasted street collages.

Hemingway stands in for New Orleans; Degas becomes the patron saint of Paris.

In a back hallway past the wine racks you find a thief making off with a choice bottle.

He’s stopped by a police man warning “Don’t Get Clever.”

Call 504.218.8533 to make reservations the next time you’re in the French Quarter.

Creative direction: Marke Johnson
Art direction: Adam Blake
Design: Kyle Hunginghake, Adam Blake, Marke Johnson
Architecture & interior design: Farouki Farouki
Mural design: Kyle Huninghake, Marke Johnson
Mural installation: Stargazer Creations
Photography: Denny Culbert, Sabri Farouki

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Let the good designs roll! Fun, whimsical, and a joy to look at, I can’t wait to go there, just to see and experience the identity; of course, I’ll stay for the food.

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