When this home decor brand speaks, it says “let’s decorate.”

Just launched, we have been working with an ambitious duo to craft a brand experience and identity that is educational and inclusive. An industry disrupter, Lick Home came to us poised to take traditional home decorating online.

Being a direct-to-consumer brand, it was imperative that the outcome was built with a personality that could connect with the end-user from the beginning of brand engagement.

Our primary challenge was to craft a brand that was as aspirational as legacy paint brands, but that also connected with a more youthful audience. Our secondary challenge was to create a brand with elements that complemented a “colourful” product, rather than overpowering or causing colour theory distortion.

Through a blend of secondary industry, primary stakeholder research and extensive communications strategy, we identified an opportunity for Lick’s products to do the talking; both expressively and functionally, depending on the medium.

Which meant that tools and products took on utilitarian labelling with instructions and product codes respectively. And, the more inspirational imagery and campaign assets took on more characterful language further developing the personality of the product.

The graphic outcome challenged existing brands with a “louder” word mark to aid the recognisability of a new-to-market brand. And, throughout all the art direction, the tone has been varied for subject matter. But, always with an accessible and “lived-in” feeling, as not to ostracise all kinds of “decorators;” from novices to naturals.

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I’ve been seeing similar fonts everywhere! Perfect blend of traditional and unique. Though I will say, the name “Lick” throws me off – I thought it would be a chapstick company!

The brand copy and character felt warm and approachable, yet sophisticated, nothing like any current home decorating company. Dynamic work, indeed.

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