LiveKit is a software platform that allows developers to create applications that use real-time video, audio, and data — whether it be for video conferencing, live streaming, robotics, or even spatial computing. They needed a design system that not only spoke to all of those use cases, but stood out as its own brand.

Just because its implementation would often be behind-the-scenes doesn’t mean the identity of the brand has to hide in the shadows. We helped them craft something with a bit of a digital edge — something that could live in the dark mode world, but had some really beautiful color and animation to make spending time with it that much more pleasant.

Since launch, LiveKit has been named the “Fastest Growing WEBRTC Stack” and has been featured as one of GitHub’s Top 10 Fastest Growing Repos in Q3 2021 and Q2 2022. It was also named as one of Forbes’ Cloud 100 Rising Stars, establishing them as one of the best and brightest emerging private companies in the cloud sector.

The Collected Works elsewhere on ID: Juicy Sonic Magic.

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