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LM Wind Power is the world’s leading component supplier to the wind turbine industry. It comprises three operations: blade manufacturing, brake manufacturing and service and logistics. The company needed to unite these divisions and provide a clear and compelling profile to take advantage of the expanding market for wind energy.

Old identity

LM Wind Power brand identity

LM Wind Power brand identity

LM Wind Power brand identity

LM Wind Power brand identity

LM Wind Power brand identity

Make® was asked to take on the lead agency role for the rebranding — providing the core concept and liaising with other agencies to ensure a smooth implementation around the world.

We worked closely with the company to develop a new brand hierarchy in which the different divisions would each have their own voice yet contribute to the overall corporate brand. The company name was changed from LM Glasfiber (which related too strongly to its wind turbine division) to LM Wind Power. Then the divisions were given sub-brands, working with color to differentiate them. This hierarchy was captured in a new visual identity that referred back to the company’s heritage to ensure continuing market recognition.

New identity

LM Wind Power brand identityMaster brand, white out version

LM Wind Power brand identityGraphic elements: logotype with division lines, typography, graphic device “the brand square,” colours, and illustration style

LM Wind Power brand identityPresentation folder, certificate, business cards, product pamphlet

LM Wind Power brand identityWebsite

LM Wind Power brand identityWall signage — backlit single solid white letters

LM Wind Power brand identityExhibition design and brand animation

LM Wind Power brand identityPublication design

LM Wind Power brand identityCompany value handbook and poster design

LM Wind Power brand identityClothing and vehicles

The new identity demonstrates that LM Wind Power is a company with a strong corporate profile that can meet the global needs of its current and future customers. Captured in a brand manual that details everything from logo-use to clothing, signage and vehicles for the different divisions, the brand has been implemented internationally (Europe, USA, India and China). The identity has already been applied to the corporate and division websites, stationery, presentation materials, advertisements, brochures, and internal communication.

LM Wind Power brand identity

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October 8, 2010


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