Contributed by Karen Huang, creative director at Singapore-based Manic Design.

Minette brand identity

Manic named and created the identity system for a soon-to-be-launched chocolate brand. The client wanted a brand that says “luxury” but in a conventional way, so we created a brand that celebrates little everyday luxuries.

Minette wordmark

The wordmark was modified from an existing script to look fresh, youthful and disarming. The logo, a hot-air balloon, adds a touch of whimsy. It is also a symbol of freedom; being carefree, autonomous, able to act on a whim — the ultimate luxury for most.

Minette logo

As it was a retail brand, it was important that we created a distinctive mark within a robust identity system that can be refreshed seasonally without being diluted. To achieve that we created a chevron pattern with four seasonal colour palettes, with plans to add more as required.

Minette brand identity

Minette brand identity

Minette brand identity

Minette brand identity

Minette brand identity

Minette brand identity

Minette brand identity

Minette brand identity

Minette brand identity

Minette brand identity

Minette brand identity

Minette brand identity

Minette brand identity

Minette brand identity

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January 12, 2012


Great job. Althout this could be the perfect example for how a brand must think ahead of it’s present goals and make their decisions based on the future. Things like internationalization. Would the owners decide to export this product to Brazil or Portugal (or any other portuguese speakers country or communitie), it would be a failure, because the brand name “minette” in portugal, both written and spoken, stands for something like female oral sex.

It is Beautifull! But I must agree with Renato…

You can always defend “say good or bad, the important thing is that they speak about it!” :) If you would choose to export to Portugal I have no doubt it would be wildely spoken!

I liked this, I find the whole work very consistent.

And I agree that the meaning of the word in other languages must be looked, even if it is in just the “main” languages, but I my self as a brazilian must say that the world Minette in our language means nothing.

Although grammatically our portuguese and Portugal’s is pretty much the same, in vocabulary we vary largely.

Actually, I think that Minette translating to female oral sex is far from negative – because women love chocolates and oral sex, it can only work as a positive kind of correlation.

I feel this really doesn’t speak luxury. It is more whimsical and fun than a luxury chocolate brand. Especially with the bold slab serifs, it just seems so in your face for a luxury chocolate brand. Don’t read me wrong though, I still enjoy this very much!


It’s Neutra Face Slab and Text by House Industries. That’s what it says on the bottom of the all-caps typography page. Hope that helps.

In my opinion, I think the designers went a little too far with this design, there’s too many fonts than needed.

I mean, the serif is nice (though predictable, and expected), but the slab serif is unnecessary, not to mention it looks like every other slab serif on the planet.

The logotype is nice, I just wish the ‘m’ was capitalized or made a little bigger at least.

I also don’t see the need for the air-balloon, it just isn’t needed—the logotype is strong-ish on it’s own, and that should be where the designers base their ideas from.

The air-balloon, to me, seems like an unnecessary piece of ‘eye candy’ (pun intended), and doesn’t really speak ‘whimsical chocolate brand’ to me, instead it says ‘We offer air-balloon rides, and don’t take life or our brand seriously’. Just something to consider.

In fact, I don’t feel that the logotype even fits in with the serif, they seem too dissimilar, and the serif feels out of place. Probably not the greatest typefaces chosen for a chocolate brand.

I would have expected some French-inspired handwritten titles, or typeface to give a warm, friendly feel, but give it a touch of French class.

Oh well.

I like the hot air balloon. The client wanted a brand that says “luxury” but in a conventional way and I think the balloon expresses that.

I like the design but I must agree with Renato about the meaning of the name in different languages as it means the same in Bulgarian. :)

I like this design overall. I think the binder is quite nice and I like the shift in color pallet from season to season.

While I do think the logotype and the hot air balloon are charming, I don’t think they necessarily say “luxurious.” Like others have said, “whimsical” would be a better word for the overall brand.

I think this is definitely saying “luxury” by having the name embossed into the booklet. It is also making the brand look delicious without even trying. Great job!

Gorgeous. This is one of those identities that slaps you on the cheek and whispers “hi” in your ear. The color palettes, seasonal systems and icon are simple enough to know that a lot of time was put into them. My only critique is that the logo would be nicer to see more variation in the repetitive letters (t’s and e’) to give the appearance of a custom written wordmark. Regardless, a minor detail in the grand scope of such a beautiful execution. My hats off to Manic, who I will now be following :)

I am currently creating a corporate identity manual and am searching high and low for a binder like this! Where can I find one?

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