Contributed by Leon Dijkstra of Amsterdam-based COOEE.

NPT symbols

GNP+ is the global network for and by people living with HIV. As a network of networks they are driven by the needs of people living with HIV worldwide. Based on emancipation and self-determination, GNP+ works with independent and autonomous networks regional and national in all continents.

NPT symbols

New Prevention Technologies (NPT) is a division of GNP+ that supports research and development of any health related technology, drug resistance, testing and access as well as other ethical issues, especially for people living with HIV.

NPT symbols

NPT logos

Every prevention technology has been visually translated into different stroke styles to become the foundation for this identity. Each stroke is representing a different layer of prevention and can be combined in many different ways, creating a new, unique image. In the future more techniques will be developed so this identity is constructed in a way to support future extensions.

NPT booklet

In the booklet the significance of this identity becomes more clear because each chapter contains a combined image, made out of layers and summarises its content. The image on the cover is a combination of all chapters.

NPT booklet

Instead of creating a static identity with assigned restrictions, COOEE created a design system – like a toolkit — that can grow along with the organisation. It’s an identity with a design result that’s content driven, has got a consistent base and is still flexible.

NPT booklet

NPT booklet

NPT booklet

View more work from the Dutch studio on the COOEE website.

5 responses

  1. At first glance I wasn’t convinced; but as I read through the post and looked at how the stroke styles are combined and used, I realised how well executed this project is.

    I love the colour and the font used too. Fantastic job all round I think.

  2. I like it, but not sold. I do enjoy the idea and thought behind the logo, but it is just the color. Seems a bit too bright and almost hurts my eyes staring at for a while. I also like the clean layout of the book, but I would just change that a color a bit. May be a little darker :) Great job though!

  3. Fantastic idea. Very flexible design that will have strong foundations. As for the colour it is pretty bright. I can see them changing this with different publications.

  4. I appreciate the thought and process that resulted in this identity. But in aggregate, it feels more an intellectual exercise than a well executed identity design.

    There is a clinical coldness to these marks and the color that seems to me to be off the mark. The mission of this organization is to save lives; I don’t sense that kind of urgent importance in this series of digitally generated mandalas.

  5. Stop being old farts. The color is beautiful. The concept is excellent. The look might be a little trendy, but because the identity is founded on a strong concept it would be easy to change fonts and colors down the road to update it.

    I disagree about it being clinically cold. The symbols to me look more like shields made from pills or anti-bodies. It is also a great way to design the publication where you know you will find medical information inside, but there are no cheesy stock photos of people smiling with their doctor. The design also allows for discretion.

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