The Norfolk Coast is one of the UK’s best-loved and most at-risk tourist destinations. Designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the region is also home to Sites of Special Scientific Interest, National Nature Reserves, Marine Conservation Zones, a Biosphere Reserve and Heritage Coast. A collection of protected landscapes, united through their biodiversity and fragility. Lantern was appointed to bring these organisations together and better define and promote their common goals to preserve, restore and enhance the local life, landscapes and wildlife of the Norfolk Coast.

We helped to define this unique destination’s strategic positioning, whilst delivering a new visual and verbal identity to promote the responsible exploration of the region, ensuring it’s here for everyone, forever.

Hiking, cycling and kayaking through protected landscapes

To fully understand what makes Norfolk so special and distinct, we embarked on a four-day immersion trip as a team. We hiked, cycled, bird watched, and conducted several interviews with local families and visitors.

It was important for us to discover the genuine essence of Norfolk and what it means for the local community and stakeholders who call it home, as well as identifying the key areas that require greater protection.

Alive with nature

Norfolk’s coastal landscapes, seascapes and communities have rhythms like a heartbeat. They move across millennia, change with the seasons, and even differ day to day. Waterways widen and wander. Wildlife migrates and hibernates. Farmland flourishes and lies fallow. This is a living coast in perpetual motion. This is a living coast in perpetual motion. Often wild yet sometimes serene.

Our new strategy celebrates this wild, natural backdrop and all that defines it; land and sea, nature and community, they all live together in gentle harmony. And like every living thing, this delicate place deserves to be respected and protected.

Turning the tide

Inspired by the sweeping landscapes of Norfolk’s coast and creeks we brought together the N and C of the brand name creating a unique symbol, paired with a visual language that’s full of energy and alive with nature.

Reflected through the interplay of type, image and illustration, we put the audience deep into the experience. To further reflect the landscape we directed an off-season photoshoot, encouraging sustainable exploration throughout the year.

A suite of illustrations capture key essences from our findings and strategy along with unique wildlife and nature found in Norfolk. We utilise these within patches and stamps reflecting the positive adventures we want to encourage people to experience.

Photography: Hollie Harmsworth
Illustration: Benedikt Luft
Logo refinement: Alec Tear

Lantern elsewhere on ID: The Common Stove.

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