With more than 450 stores across the UK, Pets at Home are without a doubt the nation’s biggest pet-care brand. Over the years they’ve helped pet owners to be their best by adding veterinary care, grooming, insurance, a host of services and a foundation that helps pets in need.

Although their world of pet-care brands have grown in reputation over the years, they have also grown apart in recognition. The varied identities, naming, and brand experience created confusion, and a lack of recognition back to the primary Pets at Home brand.

Throughout the project we worked closely with Cath Ryan, Head of Brand, to deliver her unique vision: to unite Pets at Home and its family of pet-care brands under one visual identity and one immersive brand experience.

A world beyond the “Home”
The previous Pets at Home was made from a group of sub brands, sister companies and services.

The new structure unites everything through “Pets,” a brand name who’s simplicity is its superpower and doubles down on its purpose of always doing what is best for pets and pet owners. The bold, new Pets logo serves as an anchor point for the world of sub brands to power up from, creating a team of brands that are stronger together.

A platform for real people and their pets
Pet owners applied in their thousands to take part in our photoshoot for the new identity. Captured by Roo Lewis, the new Pets art direction principles are a celebration of the idiosyncratic connection between people and their animals. Where some owners start to take on the appearance of their pet, others find companionship in the form of the most unlikely breeds, with pet-owner pairings that simply put a smile on your face.

Working closely alongside Colophon, we commissioned “Pets Headline,” a typeface to be used across every channel in the brand world. By focusing on a careful balance between being expressive and feeling trusted, the typeface is fit for everything Pets; from weekly promotions through to clinical care advice.

Letting a brand voice run wild
Having pets makes us happy, period. To reflect the sheer joy having a pet means, we developed a bold, irreverent new voice for the brand that oozes eccentricity and reassurance in equal measure. Illustrations are by Hannah Warren.

Championing pet personality
The world of petcare brands are dominated with cold, cutout animal portraits who’s only purpose is to fill a space. Working with photographer Liz Seabrook we created a suite of pet portraits to be used across brand communications, designed to capture the distinctive personality of each animal and celebrate their individual quirks.

“Our vision was clear and Nomad have been the perfect partners to help us realise and drive our ambition. They have created a truly brilliant visual identity system which modernises our brand, whilst creating pure moments of joy that will connect with our consumers.”
— Cath Ryan, Pets at Home

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