Recreation Awards

Contributed by Paul West, partner at London-based Form.

Recreation Awards

Dazed & Confused and Topshop set up the Recreation Awards to celebrate excellence in all fields of creativity from journalism to music production. Running alongside the awards were a series of gigs across the country where established bands and DJs created a real sense of brand for the awards itself.

Recreation logos

Our solution: We created an identity that was eye catching, while representing the spirit of the event. Our final design translated across call for entries, gig flyers, advertising and all awards materials including invitations and the design of the perspex award.

Recreation poster design

Recreation call for entries

Recreation invites

Recreation press release

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5 responses

  1. Very nice. Lots of energy.

    I think the line pattern seems to work a bit better than the circles.

    Was the “Re:Creation” typface created specifically for this project?

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