Many of the projects on ID contain links to recommended printers, photographers, copywriters, web developers, and more. Thought it’d be useful to create a resource where these are listed in one place. Each supplier is linked alongside the ID feature where their work appears.

Studio Van Hoorebeek, Sheffield (Grimm & Co, by Side by Side)
HMA, Buenos Aries (Tostado Cafe Club, by The Brandbean)
Casco, St Louis (Porano Pasta, by Atomicdust)

Roanna Wells, Sheffield (Grimm & Co, by Side by Side)
Field, London (BigEyes, by SomeOne)

We All Need Words, London (Shrewsbury, by & Smith)
Nick Asbury (Tamarind, by Dutchscot, and Carpenters Wharf, by Jack Renwick)
Cat Wall (Monkey Baa, by Universal Favourite)

Furniture makers
Metal and Dust, Sheffield (Grimm & Co, by Side by Side)

Marco Palmieri, Melbourne (Petbarn, by Landor)
Hannah Warren, London (Pets at Home, by Nomad)
Mariana Rodrigues, London (The Other House, by DesignStudio)
Stefania Pelliccia, Florence (La Bottega, by Kidstudio)
Noah MacMillan, NYC (Yellowbelly, by Atomicdust)

Interior designers
Sagrada, London (Tamarind, by Dutchscot)
Red5, Saigon (September Café & Cake, by Chochoi)
Ab Rogers, London (Little Chef, by venturethree)
Farouki Farouki, New Orleans (Justine, by The Made Shop)
Foolscap, Melbourne (Patricia, by Beyond the Pixels)

Label suppliers
PCL, Northamptonshire (Believe in)

Packaging suppliers
Progress Packaging, Huddersfield (Meraki, by Dutchscot)

Paper suppliers
G F Smith, Hull (Meraki, by Dutchscot, Wenford Dries, by ico, Roger Burkhard, by Lundgren+Lindqvist)
Neenah Paper, Atlanta (Byte Bars, by Cast Iron)
Mohawk Paper, Cohoes (Roger the Barber, by Cast Iron)
Fenner Paper (Believe in, Wenford Dries, by ico)
Fedrigoni (La Bottega, by Kidstudio)
Favini, Italy (Roger Burkhard, by Lundgren+Lindqvist)

John Ross, London (Tamarind, by Dutchscot)
Yuki Sugiura, (Tamarind, by Dutchscot)
Roo Lewis, London (Pets at Home, by Nomad)
Liz Seabrook, London (Pets at Home, by Nomad)
Stephanie Gonot, Los Angeles (Earthfoam, by Michael Mitzman)
Andrew Urwin, London (Carpenters Wharf, by Jack Renwick)
Alex Teuscher, Geneva (La Bottega, by Kidstudio)
Taylor & Porter, London (St Giles House, by Mega)

Post-production / retouching artists
Smoke & Mirrors, (Tamarind, by Dutchscot)

Generation Press, Brighton, (Tamarind, by Dutchscot)
Printsmith, London, (Tamarind, by Dutchscot)
Arte e Stampa, Italy (La Bottega, by Kidstudio)
By Wind, Sweden (Roger Burkhard, by Lundgren+Lindqvist)
Gemini Print, Sussex (St Giles House, by Mega)
Trust Print Consultants, UK (Alex Telfer, by Precept)

Prop makers
Lord Whitney, Leeds (Grimm & Co., by Side by Side)

Sign makers
Global Brand Solutions, Ipswich, (Meraki, by Dutchscot)

Sketchbook suppliers
Seawhite, Brighton (Believe in)

Stamp suppliers
Stamps Direct, Norwich (Believe in)

Type designers
Colophon, London (Pets at Home, by Nomad)
Commercial Type, New York, London (Meraki, by Dutchscot)

Video producers
SuperReel, Hampshire (Primal Roots, by Lantern)

Web developers
Cliff Studio, (Tamarind, by Dutchscot)
Sev Furneaux (Carpenters Wharf, by Jack Renwick)
Ten Two (Monkey Baa, by Universal Favourite)

Last updated: September 2023

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