SeidrLab, a data science and technology company, embarked on a transformational branding journey with our team to establish its unique identity and vision. Specialising in AI, machine learning, and bespoke software products, SeidrLab’s ambition was to encapsulate their commitment to innovation, expertise, and forward-thinking approach.

Drawing inspiration from the ancient Norse art of Seidr, renowned for its prophecy and transformation, our team crafted a visual identity that reflected SeidrLab’s essence. The variable logo and the visual universe spin around the concept of the magic sparkles, connecting the identity with the brand messaging “Technical solutions that feel like magic.” The colour palette is composed of deep purple-blue tones with soft gradients to evoke trust and mysticism.

The result is a cohesive brand identity that captures SeidrLab’s core philosophy: leveraging the power of data to predict and shape the future.

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