Sjy Seaweed is a start-up with a purpose — to help build a sustainable future through vegan seafood. Located on the island of Kvarøy in Northern Norway, Sjy aims to offer ready-to-eat products made from seaweed. Their first effort, seaweed chips made entirely from local sourced produce, has just launched.

Together with Sjy we developed a brand strategy, visual identity, and packaging. We also provided expertise on establishing the production line and sourcing the optimal machinery for packaging.

The identity revolves around a bespoke logotype, a colour palette combining natural, muted colors combined with more active accent colours inspired by the equipment found aboard seagoing vessels, and the typeface Graebenbach — a sans serif combining high readability with a bit of flair and quirkiness.

In combination with beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations executed by Ellinor Larson, the Sjy identity is distinct yet flexible, and can easily be adapted to future products released by Sjy.

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The design is outstanding, but the idea of sustainable future through green food wrapped in plastic made me cringe.

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