With a newly opened Residents’ Club in South Kensington, one set to open in Covent Garden in Winter 2024, and another underway in Belgravia, The Other House combines the services of a hotel and the home comforts of apartment-style living with the amenities a members’ club. As the world’s first Residents’ Club, guests have access to Club Flats, hotel services via the Other House App, and Private Club facilities, so they can live like a resident be it for a night, a week, or even a year.

Against a backdrop of lockdowns and the almost overnight shut-down of the global hospitality industry in 2020, we were appointed to create the brand strategy, positioning, name, visual identity, club and digital experience for a new kind of luxury hospitality offering.

Identifying the need for breaks to feel different, new and meaningful, we worked in close collaboration with The Other House to question and challenge the idea of luxury; moving away from over-the-top stereotypes of excess and being waited on hand-and-foot. Instead, we positioned The Other House to stand apart from its competitors by championing a new type of luxury — the luxury of choice and long-stay living. One that lets you kick off your shoes, put your feet on the sofa, and feel truly “at home.”

Four strategic principles — Make it home, Give control, Create a lasting impression, Build it better — guide every brand decision and form the foundation for the brand across the entire guest experience.

The brand identity combines bold and confident typography, homely, intimate photography, and modern iconography with a classic flourish to balance the traditional with the unconventional. This is set against a rich visual approach to the interiors including bespoke immersive wallpapers created in partnership with illustrator Mariana Rodrigues. Maximalist designs depict the intertwining of British and exotic animals and foliage, creating a sense of depth and discovery. Each detailed illustration is bespoke to each physical and digital application within The Other House spaces.

A seamless digital experience from booking to check-out was crucial in providing a totally unique offer to residents. Helping create The Other House app was a fantastic opportunity to embed the essence of the brand into a resident’s experience. Check in from your taxi, order a drink, summon the lift, and even see how busy the gym is from your bed — every aspect of the UX gives residents absolute control of their stay.

Working in close collaboration and through a series of bespoke workshops and processes with The Other House, we have reimagined the entire brand experience across every point of a residents stay. The result is a brand that offers a new vision for the future of luxury hospitality — making people feel like a local in a new neighbourhood and designed so they can work, rest, and live as they choose.

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