Contributed by Jenefer Hughes of London-based design studio Root.

Eine identity design

Ben Eine is one of London’s most prolific and original street artists who specialises in the central element of all graffiti — the form of letters. Eine has now built an outstanding worldwide reputation and wanted a brand that could translate across all platforms appealing to his collectors and the world’s greatest galleries.

Our solution was to combine the black paint drips that Eine uses on the edges of his unique canvases with one of Eine’s signature typefaces, the Circus font, in the form of an embossed ‘E’. Applying the identity to a stationery range we achieved an outstanding result by mixing several processes; screen printing onto duplexed card and applying UV to achieve the gloss finish we required.


Business cards
Size – 55x85mm
Stock – 270 gsm Naturalis Smooth face / 300 gsm screen printed, gloss coated reverse – duplexed
Face – 1 colour black text & embossed logo with screen printed black drips, gloss UV on drips

Letterheads & comp slips
LH – 297mm x 210mm
CS – 99mm x 210mm
Stock – 120 gsm Naturalis Smooth Brilliant White
Face – 1 colour black text & embossed logo with screen printed black drips, gloss UV on drips

Eine identity design

Eine identity design

Eine identity design

Eine identity design

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8 responses

  1. For lack of a better way to say it, I totally dig this. Very bold, graphic and original. I got my start as an abstract painter, so this really resonates with me. Beautifully crafted. A job well done.

  2. The organic, industrial drip just doesn’t seem like it would work with the elegant and sophisticated embossed logo and clean layout, but it does.

  3. Very clever and great execution. The only critique would be that the paint drips all seem a little too uniform (perhaps symmetrical), especially on the letterhead, instead of the more random drippings that naturally occur. Also cutting them half way off on each side makes it feel a little boxed in…but minor thoughts…great concept overall. Well done.

  4. Not only is this work f*cking awesome, the explanation’s absolute lack of bullsh*t justification is f*cking awesome as well. Out-f*cking-standing.

  5. Had to come back to this one. Even the printing techniques are perfect. This is such a smart solution…wish I had thought about it for myself. Hats off!

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