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Karaway brand identity design

Karaway, a new artisan bakery that stays true to its roots, bakes authentic and traditional products that are not just tasty and wholesome but seek to tell the story of the importance of bread in Eastern Europe.

An artisan bakery with Russian and Eastern European roots, Karaway has recently launched its first shop in Westfield Stratford City. Specialising in breads, cakes and pastries, their recipes have been adapted to appeal to a British palate, whilst still using authentic Russian and Eastern European ingredients and flavours. Baking bread the traditional way, everything Karaway produces is made with great attention to detail, using wholesome ingredients and time-honoured methods.

ico realised the importance of developing a brand strategy and delivering a visual treatment that would reflect this heritage. We looked to Russia and Lithuania for design inspiration and worked with the client to develop an identity that is contemporary but sympathetic to tradition.

Karaway brand identity design

We developed a new name ‘Karaway’, which derives from the Slavic greeting ‘Karavai’, referring to a custom of welcoming guests with a loaf of homemade bread and a cellar of salt. The name also communicates flavour and further emphasises the natural feel of the brand.

Red, the national colour of Russia, was chosen as the brand colour and both the illuminated letter used for the ‘K’ logo and the pattern created to embellish marketing materials were inspired by Slavic artwork. In keeping with the theme, we chose Orbi, a typeface designed by Russian typographer Natalia Vasilyeva, to be used throughout all brand communication.

Showing products at their best is of vital importance for a food brand. We commissioned photographer Cristian Barnett to shoot in the Karaway bakery, capturing the baking process and the finished breads.

Karaway brand identity design

A strong emphasis on the use of natural materials is evident throughout the store — from brown paper carrier bags, to linen staff aprons and handwritten price tags, all chosen to complement the honest ingredients used by the bakery. ico worked with architects 31/44 to develop a warm and welcoming interior, perfectly echoing the brand values. The open plan shop seeks to create a market experience — wooden crates and wicker baskets feature as part of the décor, allowing the customer to chose from an array of openly displayed breads.

Karaway bakery is situated in the Great Eastern Market in the new Westfield City Stratford.

Karaway brand identity design

Karaway brand identity design

Karaway brand identity design

Karaway brand identity design

Karaway brand identity design

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5 responses

  1. I really do enjoy the consistency and thought that went into this design system. I feel everything really flows in a very natural way. The embellishment on the ‘K’ is a really cool addition – I love it.

  2. Beautiful work. I love the cohesive, consistent feel of Karaway’s branding and its conveyance of their traditional, handcrafted image. It’s all in the details. Very well done.

  3. If I was walking in a mall and saw this place set up just like the first picture shows, I would naturally want to walk right in. Awesome work.

  4. Looks really clean and simple, love how the pattern on the shelving carries throughout the print design, the red stickers with the “k” on just top this brilliant piece of branding off!

  5. Love the natural browns punctuated with red, particularly love the pattern, and theyve done a great job of naming the company too. Whats the K embellishment all about though? Does it have any meaning? I think the K without it would have been enough…

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