Fri is an annual camping and outdoor expo held each year at the Bella Center in Copenhagen. We where tasked with naming and creating the tradeshow’s flexible identity. Rather than have a system led by a typographical mark we set ourselves the challenge of creating a visual language that puts the outdoors at the forefront.

Based on the view when you look out from your tent we created a series of ‘Frames’ to contain sections of the identity visuals. As well as merchandise and wayfinding for the event we also produced a poster campaign that can be seen around the streets of Copenhagen.

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March 5, 2018


Hm. I think the framing puts the emotions from the photos into a box and thus diminishes them when the poster would rather evoke them. I like the photo with the frame as a line on top for that reason.

On the contrary, it acts as a graphic cue for the brand and ties the emotional response the photo demands with the creative, beautiful, and graphic approach of the identity. Job well done, Double.

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