The Hyatt Regency Chantilly is home to Le Condé, the hotel’s punch and cocktail bar. Le Condé is an extravagant felted lounge where you can chat, enjoy yourself, and share signature punches and cocktails. The drink menu is filled with unique and surprising recipes that vary with the seasons.

The eccentric atmosphere is a tribute to the historical figure of Louis, Prince de Condé (1621–1686). He organised a courtly life in the adjacent Château de Chantilly that was as vibrant as that of Versailles, inviting all the greatest artists of his time.

The typography is a nod to exquisite Baroque quirkiness.

Dulcinea is a sophisticated Baroque revival: complex, intricate, yet contemporary. In combination with the classic feel of Revista Inline by Latinotype, it adds a whimsical touch that connects with the Le Condé vibe. Zahrah, by Indian Type Foundry, has French fashion elegance while offering excellent readability.

The colour palette is Condé Diamond Pink and Chantilly Forest Green.

Creative direction: Double Decker
Interior design by: DeSallesFlint
Hyatt Regency Chantilly Photography: Cecil Mathieu

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I adore the colour palette. The pink reminds me of The Grand Budapest Hotel.
I also appreciate how the hand-drawn elements keep the brand from seeming too stuffy – elegant and elevated, but not afraid to be a little playful.

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