Halcyon Bath

A brand identity had to be created for The Halcyon, a new boutique hotel opening in the World Heritage City of Bath. There were no photographs of the hotel and its contemporary interior prior to the opening. The personality and impact of the brand was the sole driver of interest and tangible sales.

Halcyon Bath drinks menu

Our brief was to create a sharp, contemporary and fun identity catering for people who want the style and function of a luxury hotel at affordable prices. We created the brand identity featuring a highly individual tone of voice and applied it to the website, advertising material, hotel brochure and all internal and external signage.

Halcyon Bath stationery

The new Halcyon logo was launched in August 2009. This was followed a few months later by an e-commerce website. No hotel photography was available therefore the site only be illustrated with simple line drawings and enhanced by evocative brand tone of voice copy.

Halcyon Bath website

The hotel opened in February 2010 with encouraging bookings including 90% occupancy for the first three weekends in February and 60% occupancy for the first three weeks including weekdays.

Halcyon Bath map

“All the interest and tangible sales had been achieved despite there being no photographs of the hotel and its contemporary interior. Mytton Williams created the perfect brand solution which, from day one, has driven both sales and hotel development ideas.”

Halcyon Bath do not disturb

Halcyon Bath postcard

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What a nice treat to wake up and start my day with an email featuring this brand identity. Such beautiful minimalism. After being entranced by the logo, the clever tag line “When in Bath do as the Romans did” caught my attention and guided me through the rest of the material. I can see why this was successful despite no pictures of the hotel interior being made available before the opening.

Thank you for sharing. I’m feeling inspired.

I like it. The fact that the hotels occupancy rate was so high despite there being no photography, tells us a lot about this branding.

Beautiful identity! This is going to sound pretty newbish, but what font was used here? I’ve been trying to find that font for quite a while now. Thank you!

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