Specialising in adventure cruise travel around Australia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, True North delivers experiences designed to push its small coterie of guests out of their comfort zones. This is a company that takes you on a journey of discovery — and in taking you away to remote lands, brings you back to yourself. The brief was to create a brand that feels premium without losing the appetite for adventure.

Inspired by topographical map patterns, arrows, coordinates and grid paper, the brand nods to its nautical heritage, while reminding guests of a time before screens and Google Earth. The logo puts a modern spin on the marine compass, emphasising True North’s role in guiding people through their journey and tying neatly to the name.

An earthy palette is complemented by applications that use raw and natural materials, paired with premium print finishes to capture the idea of rugged luxury.

Typefaces Archive Mono and Aktiv Grotesk pair together to combine old-world sensibilities with utilitarian ideals. In applications such as the journal and welcome pack, design cues are derived from a boat owner’s manual, with the graphic elements elevating both form and function. The result is a brand that encourages self-discovery as much as it inspires adventure.

Landscape photography: True North
Studio photography: Daniel Shipp
Typefaces: Adieu, Aktiv Grotesk, Archive Mono
Papers: Colorplan

Re elsewhere on Identity Designed: Heritage by Madison.


Such a simple mark that expresses everything in a simplistic form. I like how the letter “T” also represents upwards pointing arrow to communicate up for North. Simple but powerful!

The identity is so consistent and complete. The arrow shape that represents the “T” is part simple but incredibly effective and well thought out! The choice of images is equally coherent and communicative. Not to mention the print variations which are just as remarkable for the choice of colors and materials used. Really well done for this very efficient work. ;)

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